Artist's Statement

Maureen Dougan – Artist’s Statement


Maureen Dougan created an artist’s statement in 2005 as part of her involvement at the Creative Social Centre of the Chevra Kadisha B’hai Jacob Synagogue in NDG (Montreal). It is revealing of the perspectives, complexities of interpretation, sensitivity, and being ‘in the moment’ that she perceived as an artist:


“I believe art is an opinion.


In part it is a disguise.


In part it is a view influenced by a medium.


It is not always intended solely.


It could be considered partly a piece of luck.


It varies in degrees of articulation when seen as language.


Some say it is a “gift from god”. It is my thought that all people might be “gifted” if their work could be understood.


Art = puzzle? It is more than a puzzle.


Some messages in a medium could or could not be like messages.


Art is not an act, it is a reaction.


We are all free to choose to call what we see, as “art”.


You can call it what you want”.”